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Cactus Club: 2011 Winner – One Year Later

Best Customer Service Award
I (Dane Low) am the Digital Communications Manager at Cactus Club Cafe head office. We are still over the moon about winning the “Best Use of Social Media for Customer Service” award last year.

From the beginning, Cactus Club’s mission statement has been “Every Guest Leaves Happy” and that mission has been maintained as its priority in the social space. To be recognized at the West Coast Social Media Awards was an honor and a testament to our commitment to that mission.

How did the competition work?
The competition worked by first collecting nominations. It was funny how I found out how Cactus Club was nominated: I clicked a link on a friend’s profile, who was also nominated, and was casually viewing the list of other nominees. I did a double-take when I saw my name listed as well. The next step was being short-listed by online voting. For this portion of the process, you definitely need an engaged and passionate community to support you and your business.

Finally, each short listed nominee was reviewed by a panel of 5 judges. There were some exceptional nominees, so the judges’ decisions could not have been easy! One cool aspect about the judging process is that they included the Keynote speaker, Scott Stratten of UnMarketing fame, on the panel (It’s always nice to get a hat-tip from a recognized expert in the industry).

What was the conference like?
The conference was a fantastic two day event at the Victoria Conference Center. It had great content for people who are just beginning to explore social opportunities as well as more advanced topics for those who have been at it for a while. Additionally, the event attracted many of the most influential people in the social media space on the West Coast, so it made for a valuable networking event. I had the pleasure of meeting and catching up with many people who I consider to be leaders in the industry.

I highly recommend that everyone try to make it out this year for Social Media Camp 2012!

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